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Tinos Island

Triantaros Luxury Houses

Tinos, the island of the divine Couple Poseidon and Amfitritis, which at the top resides the wind Vorreas. All the elements of nature are depicted through the property’s design, complementing the six senses. Light, air, stone, sky and sea characterize this beautiful island.
A little higher than the town of Tinos, nestled among the steep rocky slopes, we meet the village of Triantaros.
Here, Inspire Aegean Sea, giving life in its name, comes to fill you with unique images and experiences offering threefully equipped, ultra-modern residences,in-line with the naturalsurrounding environment and respecting the local architecture — yet with a more minimal approach. This new property consists of 3 independent buildings, offering panoramic views to the Aegean Sea and the surrounding landscape.

Triantaros I

Triantaros II

Triantaros III

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Attica Luxury Houses (coming soon)

Eastern Attica gathers a unique wealth of nature’s beauties, archaeological sites and activities. Absolutely charming you will be introduced with the vineyards in Markopoulo, the olive groves in Porto Rafti, the sanctuary of Artemis in Vravrona, the ancient Theatre of Thoric in Keratea, the wetland of Schinias, the casino of Parnitha, the Attica Zoological Park in Spata and the beautiful beaches along its long coastline.
In the heart of the East coast, nestled between the vineyards and the springs of Pikermi we come across a wonderful Villa that comes to fill you with unique images and experiences.


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